Colorcast is a modern Mac app for pre-processing video footage. Currently in development, it features a professional 16bit color correction and grading pipeline, multiple professional tools for converting between colorspaces and quickly developing raw video footage. The app uses Apple technologies like Core Image and Metal Performance Shaders to offer the best performance possible.


Instacast is a traditional podcast player. During it's main lifespan from 2010 to 2015 it consisted of an iOS app for iPhone and iPad, a Mac app and a cloud syncing service and had over 100k active users. Since 2016 the app has been scaled back to a core feature set for iPhone.


Snowtape was a Mac app for streaming and recording internet radio streams and supported the SHOUTcast / Icecast, the Microsoft Media Streaming and the OGG Vorbis streaming protocol. The app contained a directory of radio stations that was maintained semi-automatically.


CtrlMovie is a novel interactive movie format. It gives filmmakers the tools to tell multi-optional stories in a truly cinematic way. The system consists of a player app for iOS, two versions of a player app for the cinema experience and a Mac authoring software.


Auphonic is a web service for automatic audio post production. Among other things, they offer an iOS recording app that directly connects to the service and extensions for Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition.


Algoriddim creates world-class music and video applications for desktop and mobile devices. Since 2016 I am freelancing for Algoriddim with the main focus on developing video and audio technology for iOS and macOS.


From 2006 to 2008, I worked at equinux AG in munich and I had the pleasure to mainly work on equinux's USB receiver based television playback and recording technology.


Flexibits offers Fantastical, a Mac calendaring app. Among other things you can print calendars in multiple formats and with numerous options.


Dreipol is an agency for interaction design based in Zurich. I had the pleasure to work on some of their numerous iOS projects.

Volksbank BW e.V.

The Volksbank Baden-W├╝rttemberg offers an iOS app in conjunction with their debit card that offers location based directory services for marketing partners. The app has been designed and developed in partnership with mpc networks GmbH.


Waldner is a leading swabian company for laboratory systems. They offer an iPad app for customers and sales staff to promote and inform about their products. The app has been designed and developed in partnership with mpc networks GmbH.