ProRes RAW is Here

Apr 09, 2018

Apple just announced ProRes RAW, a new high-efficiency RAW codec that enables instant playback and editing without the need for any conversion. The performance of ProRes with the flexibility of RAW, that is what Apple promises. Apple created a codec that's supposed to be as easy to use as the existing ProRes options but with the flexibility of RAW. ProRes RAW allows to import, edit and grade video with RAW bayer data straight from the camera sensor without slowing down the edit.

There are two variations of ProRes RAW. ProRes RAW is the equivalent of ProRes 422 HQ in terms of data rate. ProRes RAW HQ is the equivalent to ProRes 4444XQ. The data rate of ProRes RAW HQ is just a fraction compared to uncompressed 12-bit RAW. Compression-related visible artifacts are very unlikely with Apple ProRes RAW, and extremely unlikely with Apple ProRes RAW HQ.

Multiple codec launch partners have announced support in their products. Atomos provides recording to ProRes RAW with the Shogun Inferno and the Sumo19 with the following cameras:

  • Canon C300 Mark II
  • Canon C500
  • Sony FS700
  • Sony FS5 / FS5 Mark II
  • Sony FS7/FS7 II
  • Panasonic Varicam LT
  • Panasonic EVA1

DJI will provide recording to ProRes RAW with their Zenmuse X7 Super35 camera, that can be attached to a gimbal or under an Inspire drone.

Unfortunately Blackmagicdesign has not announced support for ProRes RAW in any camera yet, but could happen later this year via firmware updates.

ProRes RAW editing is available with Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 and requires at least macOS 10.12.4.