Colorcast Alpha v0.2 Available

Sep 07, 2017

I like to give you a quick update about the development process of Colorcast.

Over the last week, I completely changed the layout of the apps' interface. The clips have moved to the top and the table layout is gone. I think it's much easier to select clips using thumbnails. With the added space at the bottom, I moved the scopes to the bottom right of the project window and with it gave them a lot more space. It is now easier to identify small details in the scopes. This has the nice side effect of giving the actual preview image the big spot in the middle of the window. The preview is now bigger and you have more space for reference images. Overall I think the new window layout is much better than before and it makes working with the footage much more comfortable.

On top of that, I added a couple of features. I added an RGB Waveform scope, a sharping and noise reduction filter, and I upgraded the Basic Correction filter.

The Basic Correction filter is now the default filter for every newly imported clip. It got brightness and contrast controls, to more precisely control the tone curve of the image (actual tone curve controls are planned for a future update) and I added a new option to set the source color space of the footage, which quickly transforms the log image profile into a somewhat more normal colorspace. So far it supports Sony S-Log, GoPro Protune and Technicolor Cinestyle profiles. More profiles are being added over time.

Let me know what you would like to see and make sure to download the latest build.


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